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A little bit about me

Hi everyone! My name is Scott, and I graduated from the University of North Florida Flagship Music Program with a degree in Music Performance. My primary instrument is the euphonium, and my secondary instrument is the trombone, and I can play tuba, trumpet, and french horn. I’m an army veteran, having served in Alaska and South Carolina. I’ve played both professionally and casually in bands in Fairbanks, Columbia, and Jacksonville.

I’m currently part of the First Baptist Orchestra in downtown Jacksonville, Ancient City Brass Band, University of North Florida Concert Band, and the Jacksonville Community Band.

I started this business because I saw a need. Many students and community band members play on old, busted instruments, rentals, and student horns that can’t play in tune or provide the capability to play some repertoire that requires extra valves or triggers. This need for new, high-quality and, most importantly, affordable instruments sparked big ideas. I used my experience as an eBay Power Seller (where I have 100% positive feedback) to start this venture.

My Goal is to provide an affordable instrument that you love, in hopes that you continue your musical journey and remain an active member in your community.

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