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Frequently Asked Questions

All instruments come with a 30-day return policy for any reason. Simply call or email us then mail the instrument back and I'll refund the purchase less delivery cost. Returns must include the original packaging, all accessories, and in ‘as received’ condition. There is no restocking fee.

I typically ship via UPS/FedEx for continental US orders, and FedEx for international and outside the continental US (Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories). Our Instruments are shipped in a case with protective material. Furthermore, all contents are packed in a thick, double-walled box for added protection.

All orders include FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. International and outside the continental US (Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories) locations are extra. PayPal has a calculator – or contact me for rates.

All orders come with FREE TRACKING.


You must be available to receive or pick up (if repeatedly missed for delivery) to sign, UPS/FedEx will provide you with instructions left by your door if you are unavailable at the time of delivery.

Several economic factors aid us in delivering affordable prices, with one factor NOT reducing the price: Quality. Our instruments are made primarily with Japanese design molds and western modern manufacturing techniques. Our instruments are manufactured in China. Because of the state-suppressed Chinese currency and other economic and socioeconomic factors, we can deliver HIGH-QUALITY and AFFORDABLE instruments on a MASSIVE scale. The big brass instrument market has been almost solely dominated by the "Rolls-Royce" of manufacturers, charging $6,000-$10,000 for a professional instrument. Radiant Brass is here to offer the realistic option for most people.


I open every instrument. I inspect, and test. I DO NOT send out any unqualified instruments.

The Manufacturer conducts modern quality control and they have their own standards, but I am the final judge on quality. 

All of Radiant Brass Instruments' current stock was made in the summer of 2019. Modern instruments, Modern quality. 

All instruments come with a 3-year warranty. This warranty covers issues as a result of manufacturing such as joints becoming unsoldered. The warranty does not cover dropped instruments, dents, wear and tear, lacquer wear, lost or stolen, standard wear and tear like worn out valve guides or felts, any forms of misuse, mouthpiece, accessories, and case. Void if instrument is modified. Void if damaged by a repair-person. Please contact me if you have any issues.

I only accept payment through PayPal which is very secure for both parties. Phone orders still require access to PayPal. No payments are processed on this website. You will be asked to log into PayPal and complete your transaction there. 

PayPal allows you to connect your credit card so using PayPal can be like using credit! 

For financing, you must contact your own financial institution. 

Not a problem! Call me and I will go over your options.

Absolutely! Simply email or call for a quote.

Many people have been told that spare parts can't be found for Chinese instruments, but that's wrong. If you have purchased an instrument from me and need parts, call or send me an email and I will work on getting you spare parts. Also, many Yamaha parts may fit

I collaborate with the manufacturer to enhance the overall high-quality of our instruments. One of my modifications is to forego the logo usually stamped on the instrument bell. Radiant Brass is not here to import instruments and attempt to pass them off as our own manufactured development. Our Manufacturer is Jinbao. Here at Radiant Brass, we stand by our manufacturer's high-quality. Beware of retailers trying to pass off Chinese instruments as their own brand. I am proud and honored to be a retailer of these high-quality and affordable instruments. 

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